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TING – Awarded! 


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Some TINGs have to be heard to be believed!

TING (Chinese for „to hear“) only looks like an ordinary pen. In fact, hidden inside is a unique technology transforming this pen into a gadget that is a reader as well as a smart mp3 player. The sensor at the tip of the pen reads a code inserted on the pages of a book. This code is linked to various audio files connected to the book. TING recognises the code when images or texts are touched with the tip of the pen, goes into its index and plays the matching file over the loudspeaker (or headset output). What distinguishes this device is the short reaction time and excellent sound quality.

Since January 2013 the modified TINGsmart is available: a faster response time ensures more fun on games. Additionally the handling of the pen is much simpler because of neatly arranged buttons. 

To make a book audible the audio files have to be transferred to the TING Pen. To achieve this you touch the activation logo on the back of the book (or the activation logo inside the book) and simply connect the audio pen as requested via the USB interface to any computer (Windows or Mac) that can access the web. TING will recognise the title of the book and the additional acoustic features of a book can be downloaded onto the pen quickly and easily. The software installed on the audio pen provides a clear overview giving information on the books that have been downloaded.

In the event that files are deleted they can be reloaded anytime (free of charge, of course) and as often as required.

TINGsmart & TINGclassic bring books alive:

  • TING is a reading device for all books of the TING world.
  • TING can store the audio content of several books, games and globes by using the TING software which is installed on the pen and play these back when required – independently of the web or computer (Windows / Mac).
  • TING system requirements:
    PC or Mac with Intel x86 compatible prozessor
    Windows (XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8) or Mac OS X (from 10.4 on)
    USB connection
    Connection to internet (DSL recommended)
  • TING has a built-in loudspeaker and a standard headset jack.
  • TING dimensions:
    155 mm x 23 mm | weightt: approx. 34 g
  • TING storage capacity: 2 GB, approx. 1,8 GB effectiv

TING – Playing, learning, knowledge

TING makes learning languages easy:
It provides the correct solutions to completion exercises

TING turns art and travel guides into vivid experiences:
It tells the story of an object.

TING makes children’s books more fun:
Songs, puzzles and sounds surprise young readers.

TING provides information from special interest and activities books: Simple and comfortable listening.

TING’s web link function provides fast and accurate links between the book and the web.

TING makes games come alive: The pen can either give playing instructions or act as a "player" and creates exciting and fun game playing experiences.

The 2nd generation: TINGsmart
(since January 2013)

Special features:
  • two control buttons = simpler handling
  • top processor of the newest generation which speed up the using of smartbooks
  • faster reaction and optimized battery drain
  • EAN 4 260345 410018

The 1st generation: TINGclassic
(by the end of 2012)

Special features:
  • installation and play back of personal mp3 files is possible 
  • five control buttons
  • EAN 4 260234 440003


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