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Play fun for smart kids
Searching games, quiz or educational exercises - TING can do it all. The exercise generator produces new questions and exercises, and new game variations. TING controls the answers and gives points. Learning and playing is more fun.
Great fun for youngsters
What noise does a cow make? And a rocket? What does the music of Mozart sound like? Books for children are more fun with TING. With noises, puzzles and rhymes young readers learn a lot and older children too.
Languages made easy
TING speaks every language perfectly. Touch a word and you hear it immediately with the correct pronunciation. In an educational text with phrase gaps TING is your teacher and helps you find the right answer.
A holiday for your ears
No matter which country - TING was already there. With a touch in the traveller's picture book TING will inform you about the depicted places of interest. So you can send your eyes and ears on an eventful journey.
Expertise explained
Knowledge is not a dry matter. Listen to all the information in the books about nature and technology. TING explains complicated correlations in an easily understable way.
Discover new country
TING gives the world a sound. With just a touch onto a country or city, on a globe or a map, you hear all you would like to know: important data and facts and also the national hymn and plenty of other surprises.

Many new titles had been published or will be released in 2013 - and TING can play now too! Doubleclick on a cover and you will get more information.

TING brings books alive - no matter from which of our partner-publishers they are.
These german publishers join in TING. And there will be more soon.

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